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So many colors of others used to paint the beauty of the earth.

Our green pastures are no more superior than your blue waters.

The red clay of your lands are no less valuable than their white sands.

We all can lay on our backs facing the same sky unifying the stars across the map

some seek direction in the sunlight while some find gravity pulling them closer to the moon.

I assume While divided we stand, united we are called once again.

Why must it take tragedy for us to learn that ignorance shades the enlightenment of peace love and unity.

If we were all color blind would you take my Shea butter for your sunburns?

Would your racial slurs be anything more than a term misused?

Science proves the existence of the same God who says us as human beings should be of one sound mind and spirit in a world daring you to think different.

Maybe Pangaea simply occurred to test the hearts of the people who think less of themselves when someone of a different culture asks to be seen as an equal.

We all haven’t had the best upbringing but we all have choices

to spread the sickness of division or the healing of peace love and unity


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