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Updated: Jan 7

Be a Canopy of Light

The road is broad but it's direction is narrow. The brisk breeze raises the hairs across my neck, my nose drips as I inhale and exhale the condense air. I sniffle looking up at the clouds drawing near. The trees dance, swaying counterclockwise; Tis the season where the sun is closest.

When the ocean releases the heat it stored up throughout the summer.

Where the holidays demand you spend quality time with one another.

Before a new year's sunrise approaches, look around and embrace the view.

Grab a hand in prayer for all the knowledge to be used.

Look ahead to to where focus is essential, where discipline is required, where growth is a byproduct, where love is the soil, and purpose is the destination.

The road is broad but it's direction is narrow.

Be a canopy of light,

a resource of the Kingdom.

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