Full of Substance

The love of God saves the souls making the mind, will, and emotions whole.

We are told to be forgiving, unconditionally loving, accountable, and respectful of our spiritual parent’s presence at all times. Not a easy task to complete in a world that seeks a battle for the mind to destroy and divide. We’d do all of the above if it wasn’t challenging right? So what is so unique about the chosen one’s?

They comprehend that a hundred percent of everything belongs to our maker, yet he only asks for our ten percent to replenish us with substance. But that’s too much ? Because we thirst the high of the one who doesn’t think it’s worth the effort since on camera they look like they’re doing just fine. That’s Listening to the sales pitch without reading the fine print, could it be our power of choice is greater than any other gift the universe provided simply to observe what we’d do with it? Not enough weed, alcohol, psychedelics, money, or women for me to feel full or forget what we need most. So I go let God fill me up with knowledge hoping my cup overflows into yours making you

full of substance.

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