My love for you is immortal, can you say the same? Pleasing you and pleasing me became, two different entities. For awhile it was all fun and games for me, so young but you had my hairline receding. Not stressing just aging, constantly contemplating, how I must stay two steps ahead to keep the ones full of hatred three steps behind but all along you were by my side. You’d burn through my sneakers in the summertime, make me slip fall flat on my back in the winter. I’d Get back on my feet, No tears, it’s too cold out here to be a dripping faucet. I can’t freeze, I’m full of pride and the will to win, so why must I proceed with caution in the same jungles so many of my loved ones got lost in. Lions, tigers, and bears among the darkness, roaming in my domain, trust me tread softly every decision you make is costly. You Taught me, how to stand my ground, no matter the magnitudes of the quake you bring, taught us not to hang our head so we can see where we are going but really you just wanted us to acknowledge your presence. You Tap my shoulder hoping I look over to test my reflexes, you took the heart out of those who needed it most so they could poke they chest out like mine. Made us believe we had everything to gain by proving to you we were worthy. Had me coming out the smoke with one in the chamber, swimming in Remy Martin feeling earthly. You hurt me, trying to replace my skin with yours. Then I realized the streets ain’t love me, I just loved the streets And I still do, the immortal truth. For that understanding I had to be out of reach, pick my heart up off the asphalt and place it on my sleeve.

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