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About Us

Welcome to the Goldmine

Where we Influence the mind and Empower our time through poetic expression.

I am a poet and author here to do what I love most. Sharing knowledge, perspective, and love through creativity. I hope to be one of the resources placed here to unite and inspire the valuable minds of our population that makes up this beautiful world.


This is a great space to write, to read, and explore the creativity blooming within us. Poetry has always been my cleansing pool of artistry. I just had to figure out a way to display its ability to unify, to inspire, to mediate, to teach, and grow a seed of love in everyone's environment no matter the condition. Here, there will be many writings of value displayed for readers to showcase authors, poets, just people who wish to be heard, who wish to be a seed of hope, and a refreshing splash of love to grow a tree bearing the fruit of life! This is home, help us not only change the world but fulfill our very purpose in bringing the Kingdom of Heaven's culture to our environments. 

If you wish to be recognized here through poetic collaborations, novel features, or promotional exposure we encourage you to send your submissions and inquiries to 

Please include your submission name and category in the subject.

We can also be reached @writingsofgold on instagram.



You will also find in the shop menu many creations to help fund the future of this world through charitable donations and the future of this platform. Here, we will all be a gift to someone else.

Enjoy good reads and show some love!

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